About me

Name: Stefan Høegh-Neumann
Age: 24, born 8-8-1988
Country: Denmark
Occupation: Student of Physical Therapy

I'm 24 years old and from Denmark, I'm a gymnastics coach and studying physical therapy.

Besides gymnastics and PT, I'm also interested in movies, gaming, outdoor life, photography, and music.

I've been in the Royal Danish Air Force doing basic training, been to Australia, where I coached gymnastics, attended a gymnastics academy after high school; Ollerup Academy of Physical Education.

When I game, it's mostly Playstation 3, so most of my reviews will be of games for that platform, though sometimes it will include games for mac as well.
I will try to post as regularly as possible, but sometimes my school has to come first, as I find it more important.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via one of the social network sites I'm on; Twitter, Google+, or Facebook (see link below)

My preferences for character roles in RPGs and FPSs

Other websites I'm on:
- YouTube
- Twitter
- Facebook
- Google+

My favourite sites:
- shopto.net - Great site for buying cheap games
- GunslingerGaming - Great community for mature adult gamers
- IMDb - Internet Movie Database