2 December 2011

The Lord of the Rings: War in the North

This game was released some time last month, depending which region you're from, and I've looked at it a few times, considering to get it, but have had a "meh"-feeling about it, which made me not order it, until yesterday..

I really liked the older Lord of the Rings games, back when it was The Two Towers and Return of the King for Playstation 2.. Lord of the Rings: Conquest for Ps3 kinda lost me, because it froze after a few minutes of couch co-op.
Right, back on track.. Yesterday I remembered the whole couch co-op fun I used to have with one of my really good friends, before I moved, and I miss that feeling.. And my thoughts came back to the Tolkien universe and this game..
Therefore I decided, even though I've read a bad review or two about this game, to order it, which I did from shopto.net £35.86.

So, today I've been watching a few videos of the game, while I'm waiting for my game to arrive, and now I'm even more hooked on the game, even though I haven't tried it.. I'm really looking forward to find a few friends to play co-op with, as long as I can be the dwarf :)
Almost every RPG I've played, I've chosen the dwarf-race, if it's available (damn Skyrim).. I normally make some sort of two-handed battle-crazed character, with lots of heavy armour and high armour rating, as I prefer 2 handed axes or hammers, and therefore lack the extra armour rating a shield provides..
But the extra damage I can do is worth the blood.. (big evil grin on my face)

Here's two of the videos I watched:

I'll try and post a review of the game, after I get it and have a few games..
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