12 December 2011

Character preferences

Since I have decided I want to write about games, and I mostly play Role-playing games (RPG) and First Person Shooters (FPS), I thought I would let you all know, what preferences I have for characters in those kind of games, just so you have an idea what my playing style is.

In First Person Shooters I have 3 preferences role-wise; 2 Sniper roles and an Objective taker.
The 2 types of sniper-roles I enjoy playing I have named
  • Recon; far away from the fight and one’s team / squad, equipped with a long-range rifle and a high powered scope. Call out enemies and take care of easy targets.
  • Marksman; Close to the squad / team, equipped with a mid-long-range rifle, a medium powered scope, able to take care of enemies further out than normal range weapons.
The Objective taker role, for me, is equipped with a weapon other than Long-range rifles, but could be Submachine guns, Light machine guns or Assault rifles. He focuses on the objective of the game, instead of only focussing on his Kill/Death Ratio (which I see happening a lot, whenever I am online on Call of Duty or Battlefield 3).

Normally, in all the various RPGs I have played, I have chosen to have a 2-handed damage-dealer, primarily because I thought I looked cool and tough.
I used to have a problem with loosing a lot of health, really quickly, even though I spent a lot of points in stamina/constitution (or whatever raises max health depending on the game). Maybe that’s because of my playing style; I like running into the fight and don’t mind being the one getting the punches, instead of my party members.

Recently, I have started looking into the whole 1-handed+shield kind of builds, even though I don’t find them as cool-looking, but because they might fit my playing style much better, as I mentioned above. Both taking all the damage, instead of my party members, so they can concentrate on damage-dealing or healing, and I can aid my party members with different abilities, talents, etc.

The various RPGs I have played are:
- Dragon Age 2
- Various Lord of the Rings for Ps2 and Ps3 (link to War in the North)
- World of Warcraft (not so much though)

Here is my short 2handed vs. 1handed+shield Pros/Cons and description.
A 2-handed warrior sacrifices the extra armour a shield provides for extra damage with a larger weapon, which needs 2 hands to swing. The swing is often slower than the 1-handed, as it is bigger and heavier.
Because the weapon is bigger and heavier, it also has a larger armour penetration than 1-handed weapons.
Good build for damage dealers
- Armour penetration
- Big Damage per hit
- Less armour than 1-handed+shield
- Slow swing

Great build for tanking, as the warrior can take a lot of damage, due to the shield and overall bigger armour rating than 2-handed warrior.
The 1-handed weapon is often faster to swing than a 2-handed.
- Big armour
- Fast swing
- less armour penetration than 2-handed builds
- Low damage per hit

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