26 August 2011

Useful extensions for Google Chrome and Apple Safari - Improving Efficiency

Speed Dial
An idea came to me, as I was about to write a little note on a great extension a friend of mine, Katie, told me about.. Why not, instead of just telling you guys about this one extension, let you know of some of the extensions I find useful and use for both Google Chrome and Apple Safari.

24 August 2011

Looking for Note-taking app (iPad and Mac)

I know that it's been pretty quiet from me here the last couple of days, and the reason is that I'm spending time on finding an apartment closer to school, and also I've slowly started doing some of the homework I've already gotten, even though I haven't started school yet..

16 August 2011

Tips and Tricks: Sharing on Google+

I thought I would share a few tips with you, about sharing on Google+
Some of them, you might know and some of them might be new to you :)

15 August 2011

HowTo: Post PMs on Google+

So, I've been using Google+ for a few weeks now, and in the beginning I was kinda wondering how to write personal messages to my friends, like saying happy birthday to a friend, without an entire circle of friends knowing about it..
And that 's the beauty of Google+.. You can't actually write on a person's wall, or stream, as it's called on Google+..

12 August 2011

Likes and Dislikes of Browsers; Safari and Chrome

I use 2 browsers on my computer.. Apple's Safari (ver. 5.1) and Google' Chrome, but I can't decide which I like the most.. So I thought I would write down the Pros and Cons of both browser :)

Blogging from an Electronics store

Something I've always wanted to try, well at least since I saw Californication a few years ago, is to blog from an Apple computer in a public electronics store, but I've never really had the guts to do it, until today..

11 August 2011

Google+ vs Facebook

Since I'm on both Social Networks, I thought I would say what I like about them, and which version I prefer :)

Google+ is a very new social network launched by Google, inc. a little over a month ago.. And already it has more than 10 million users.
Actually it only took Google+ 16 days to reach the 10 million mark, where as it took Facebook 852 days..

6 August 2011

Foursquare vs. Fb Places

From Allwelike.com
I'm slightly addicted to the lovely Check-in game Foursquare, and thought I would compare it to Facebook Places, which a lot of my friends use more..

Foursquare is a check-in game, where you check in to venues, when you're out-and-about, like the movie theater, at a restaurant, or out shopping.. You can of course do the same with Facebook places, but you don't really get any points for it, plus what about the tips and special deals you get from foursquare ?

5 August 2011

Looking for cheap games ?

It shouldn't come as a shock to you, if you've read my previous entries, that I'm into gaming, and that I own a PlayStation 3.. And to get the best out of it, I need games for it as well, right ?
Well, new games here in Denmark costs around 500DKK (US$95, €65, £60), which, compared to the US or UK, is quite pricy, so I went online, looking for a place where I could get new games cheaper, and I found such a place :)

2 August 2011

Gunslinger Gaming

Since I'm quite into gaming, and used to be part of a competitive Modern Warfare 1+2 clan, I started looking for a mature clan, after we shut down the competitive clan..
But what I found was so much more than that..

1 August 2011

Letter of Acceptance

Just a quick note :)
I got my letter of acceptance for studying physical therapy this year, so I'll be starting in the end of August :) Really looking forward to start studying again, after a 2 years break.. It's probably gonna be really tough, but I'll manage :D