18 February 2012

GRFS - Inside Recon #1: Animation & Cover

I just want you all to see this interesting video about Ghost Recon Future Soldier, a game I'm really looking forward to being released

12 December 2011

Character preferences

Since I have decided I want to write about games, and I mostly play Role-playing games (RPG) and First Person Shooters (FPS), I thought I would let you all know, what preferences I have for characters in those kind of games, just so you have an idea what my playing style is.

In First Person Shooters I have 3 preferences role-wise; 2 Sniper roles and an Objective taker.
The 2 types of sniper-roles I enjoy playing I have named
  • Recon; far away from the fight and one’s team / squad, equipped with a long-range rifle and a high powered scope. Call out enemies and take care of easy targets.
  • Marksman; Close to the squad / team, equipped with a mid-long-range rifle, a medium powered scope, able to take care of enemies further out than normal range weapons.

5 December 2011

LotR: War in the North - First impressions

So, another quick delivery from shopto.net, and my copy of Lord of the Rings: War in the North (PS3) arrived today.
I've played the game for a few hours now, and I want to share my first impressions of the game with you guys.

The game starts out with an introduction to your little 3-man fellowship, and you meet Aragorn at the Prancing Pony in Bree, who sends you out on your first quest.

2 December 2011

The Lord of the Rings: War in the North

This game was released some time last month, depending which region you're from, and I've looked at it a few times, considering to get it, but have had a "meh"-feeling about it, which made me not order it, until yesterday..